Operation research as well as management science (OR/MS) has had an impressive contribution to improve the efficiency of numerous organizations around the world by offering a best solution. In the process, OR/MS has made a significant support to increase the productivity of the economies of various countries. In this era of data-driven analytics OR/MS is an ultimate tool for technical professionals who want to acquire the knowledge and skills related to analytics to solve real business problems.

Indonesian Operations Reseach Assosiation (IORA) Present International Conference on Operations Research 2017 (IORA-ICOR 2017) that will be conducted in conjunction with Universitas Terbuka National Seminar on Mathematics, Sciences, and Technology 2017. The conference initiates to bring together OR/MS researchers, academicians and practitioners, whose collective work has sustained continuing OR/MS contribution to decision-making in many fields of application. It can be considered as good platforms for the OR/MS community, particularly in Indonesia, to meet each other and to exchange ideas.


 The primary objectives of the conference are:

  1. to facilitate interaction between OR/MS researchers and academicians in discussing current challenges that need to be addressed as well as highlighting new developments of methods, algorithms, and tools in the field.
  2. to provide OR/MS researchers, academicians and practitioners an appropriate platform for sharing experiences, communication and networking with other experts within the nation and from around the world in maximizing the contribution of OR/MS for sustainable growth, promoting of a knowledge-based economy, and utilizing the limited resources.


IOP Science
Proceeding will be published in IOP Conference Series, indexed by  and Thomson-Reuters




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